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Pain points
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Time Spent on Individual Feedback and and progress tracking
Teachers often spend excessive time providing personalized feedback and tracking each student's progress, which can impact other teaching responsibilities.
Bad Communication with Class
Ineffective communication can lead to student confusion and disengagement, impacting the overall learning experience.
Value for students
Students need educational experiences that provide practical, applicable knowledge for real-world relevance.
Keeping track of individual groups
Monitoring multiple student groups for progress and participation can be challenging without the right tools, making it difficult for teachers to offer timely support.
One single tool for structured venture building
Implement a unified platform that enables educators to guide students through structured projects from initiation to completion. This platform integrates essential planning tools and progress tracking features to streamline the educational workflow.
  • AI Feedback
  • Cohort Management
  • AI Brains and Instant AI Support and Ideation
  • Raise Hand Feature
Centralized resource and community hub
Develop a central repository where educators and students can access a comprehensive range of educational materials, tools, and resources. This hub also promotes networking and community engagement, enhancing collaboration and mutual support among students.
  • Calendar Integrations
  • Announcements
  • AI Chatbot
Cohort management and learning enhancement
Utilize a comprehensive system that simplifies managing student cohorts and enhances the learning experience. This system includes features for attendance tracking, assignment submissions, and personalized learning paths tailored to individual student needs.
  • Step-by-Step Journeys
  • World-Class Knowledge
  • White Label Solution
  • Widgets for Peers and Coaches
  • Business model and hypothesis testing tools
  • AI chatbot
  • Raise hand feature
Time saving on feedback provision
Employ automated feedback tools that provide timely and personalized responses to student submissions. This technology accelerates the feedback process while ensuring that responses are consistent and effectively tailored to enhance student learning outcomes.
  • Action Items Plus Email Reminders
  • Create and Sell Programs or Courses
  • Slack Integration
Tools and features
From managing cohorts to providing mentorship, our features are designed to support your venture at every step:
Structured venture building
Intuitive step-by-step Journey
Calendar integrations for effortless agendas
Slack and Discord (coming soon)
Optimized cohort management
Automatically generated feedback for the startups from AI
Progress tracking
One single tool for mentors
Customizable Journeys
AI-Powered resources, tools, and content source
Tested journeys
AI Brains and instant AI support and ideation
Collaboration in your team
World-class knowledge
Widgets for Peers and Coaches
Business model and hypothesis testing tools
AI chatbot
Raise hand feature
Boost your community
White label solution
Network with your peers
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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions and answers about our product
What is a Venturely Journey?

A Venturely Journey is an intuitive step by step roadmap that you can follow to build your venture. A journey typically contains: Smart boards & canvases, content, tools such as the Smart Business Model Canvas as well as our AI brains.

How can I create a Journey?

1. On the dashboard click on the button "Create Journey"
2. Put a name to the Journey
3. Add a short description
4. Choose the category that best fits the Journey
5. Add duration of the Journey
6. Create topics
7. Add sub topics
8. Add content to the subtopics
9. Choose the type of content to you to add (text, board, Brain, tool such as Smart Business Model Canvas)    

How can I collaborate with other team members

1. Open “My Journeys” on the dashboard or left menu bar and select a journey where you want to add team members.
2. On the right side in the box “Team” click on the “Add new”
3. Add team members either by sending them the token code or adding manually by clicking the “+” in the invitation where you can type in their email address.

What are Venturely Brains?

Venturely Brains use the latest Large Language Models to give you the best answers to your specific business needs. Through our suite of brains we use our expertise in AI prompting to help you get results with just a few input fields around your business idea. There are Venturely Brains available to help you discover, validate and implement your business ideas. Use our Venturely Brains to identify competitors, simulate customer interviews, generate an entire business plan and much more.

What is the Smart Business Model Canvas?

The Smart Business Model Canvas goes beyond the traditional Business Model Canvas. Venturely offers a digitised version of the Business Model Canvas where innovators can use our database to complement their business model, get feedback on their business model by AI, do a first financial assessment through our cash flow calculator and have one place to keep track of the hypotheses behind your business model.  

What is the “Business Model Database”

Venturely has strong academic roots. Make use of our “Business Model Database” to complement your business model. Our “Business Model Database” consists of pre-made post-its around different types of business models. For example under the “Circular Economy” section in the database you can find post-its that would be typically used for business models that follow a circular economy approach. When dragging to the canvas, the green background indicates the best location on the canvas for the specific business model pattern.  

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