Supporting a Health Hackathon

The 4th Edition of the Health Hackathon organised by Hospital Da Luz Learning Health, used the Venturely online educational platform for the Hackathon in addition to the PITCH! Game, the business model game developed by the DSI-Lab


Health Hackathon brings together students from different scientific backgrounds in a marathon of creativity and innovation, where participants will be challenged to find a solution to a real problem in clinical practice.

However, the participants do not have:
a business or management background sufficient time to learn everything during the two day hackathon.
a structured way to apporach business model develeopment


The primary objectives of the Health Hackathon and Venturely collaboration was to:
Offer a course about Business Models that the participants can access before the hackathon starts.
Present Venturely platform and unravel the key concepts of Business Modeling
Guide the participants through the PITCH! Game developed by Digital+Sustainable Innovation Lab.
• Mentor the students in their idea creation process.


Using Venturely online educational platform for the Hackton in addition to the business model game developed by the DSI-Lab 54 students in 15 groups used the materials within the two-day event.

Don’t just take our word for it

“I couldn’t be happier with our collaboration with DSI-Lab for the 4th Edition of the Health Hackathon at Hospital da Luz Learning Health. During a whole weekend, students used the DSI-Lab’s Pitch! game to develop the business model for their solution, but the support from the Lab didn’t stop there. Professor Cláudia and Margarita were wrestles in mentoring the students with key knowledge and insights on how to build valuable solutions, both before, during and after the event. Looking forward to engage in future collaborations!”

Raquel Araújo
Innovation Manager at Learning Health,
Hospital da Luz Lisboa